We’re amazed at the amount of growth the economies on the west coast of North America are seeing today, as millenials are diving into their passions and making dreams come true. Sometimes a brand new business deserves a shot out and an applause, and that’s what this blog is seeking to provide. Succeeding, despite the ease of the internet, is still a difficult thing to do and takes hard work. We look up to the young people of today who work those 14 hour days, seven days a week to see their visions reach the visceral world.

business success

It’s so wonderful and heartwarming to see businesses that provide a great service. Today with apps we’re seeing growth in charity and it’s so beautiful. We have nothing negative to say about the growth we’re seeing in local success, and will only ever share the positive in the amazing expansion we’re witnessing.

For fans of economics, news and business success, this blog is meant for you! From Canadian stocks and Canadian restaurants to American apps and American charities, we’re excited to share the best of business news.

So stick around!