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Focus On Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses

For any business owner who has already reached their ideal success, this advice will come as old news. But for those of us who haven’t, this could be very valuable. A lot of people starting out in the business world start to notice that their skills lack in certain areas. For example you could be great at writing but suck at cold calling. Now I want to argue that it would be a mistake to spend your time trying to get better at cold calling when you could be using that time to hone your strength in writing. One of the beautiful things about having your own business is that you get to hire people and delegate the tasks that you don’t like doing. This works very well because you free up your time to do what you’re good at and you get even better.

The staff here at TWBBS have a special term for you.

The key term here is specializing. You wan’t to become the top dog at what you do and so you want to focus on specializing in a certain area of your business and letting your workers do all the other stuff. Even your workers should be fit for their tasks by doing what they enjoy and have strengths in. After all, you wouldn’t call a plumber and say “I need my car fixed.” So don’t do that to yourself!

Forget your weaknesses. Don’t waste time trying to make those your strengths. By trial and error you’ll be able to know what you can dominate in, and then set out to dominate in that field.

Good luck!

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Lifelong Goals vs. Short-term Goals (What’s Yours?)

A lifelong goal can be compared to a destiny, calling, ambition, purpose or what you’re on this earth to accomplish. A lifelong goal can’t be completed in one’s youth. Unlike a short-term goal, it may take over sixty years to complete your lifelong goal. The reason I mention all this is because every majorly successful business has based its motto and modus operandi around a lifelong goal, and almost every business that fails really failed because they gave up and didn’t have a lifelong goal to begin with. Having a lifelong goal means there’s no possible way you can fail because you never give up. Even in the face of bankruptcy and staff hunger riots, the business with a destiny pushes onward.

So I invite you to reflect on your goals. Do you have a lifelong goal? It isn’t impossible to succeed without one, because after all it’s not too difficult to find a service that people need and provide it. The special thing about businesses with lifelong goals is that their services are often unique in the sense that they may be new to a city or a phenomenon brought about by technology and evolution in general. For example, Steve Job’s lifelong goal couldn’t have existed in the 19th century. Most lifelong goals worth while are in direct relationship to the time they exist in.

If you don’t have a lifelong goal but you feel like you’re on a right track in life despite this, that is very good because some people don’t realize they’re life goal until near the end of life when they can look back and see the main theme behind all that they have accomplished. For example, a mechanic friend of mine dying of cancer realized his life goal had been to teach youth about old muscle cars in an age when engines were quickly becoming replaced by electric motors. During his career he wasn’t able to articulate this but this proves that even if you’re unaware of it, we all have a purpose.

A man like Jesus would not call it petty if your life goal is to put a smile on 300 people’s faces every day working full time at a fast food restaurant. To track the impact a person like this is having in the world is impossible. And you might want to call it a blessing if you aren’t aware of your purpose yet, because many people who know their purpose at a very young age have reported that it’s more like a curse than anything else. I know this feeling all too well. Knowing my calling and having an articulated lifelong goal for me means I am restricted to what I can do in life, and if I try to stray from my path my curse will haunt me right until my dying moments.

But how does a lifelong goal relate to short-term goals?

A short-term goal is something that in large or small way is something you need to do in order to accomplish your lifelong goal. For example, if your lifelong goal is to teach people about history through entertainment, your short-term goal might be to receive a major in history at university. What a short-term goal ISN’T is a chore. People make the mistake of writing “clean dishes” or “get car fixed” in their planner and thinking they have accomplished something. These are merely chores and although you might need your car to go to work, it isn’t crucial to completing your lifelong goal. For example, you can still buss or ride a bike to work. So really think about your goals and separate real ones from mere chores. Chores like doing the laundry and taking out the trash should not give you the same satisfaction that completing real short-term goals like writing a book or a taking dancing classes do.

My advice, as someone who studies small business success, is to spend a good hour writing down your goals and from that point onward remind them to yourself everyday. A life with a purpose may be cursed and restricted, but a life without one is meaningless.

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Why Immigrants Starting Businesses in Canada Should Choose the West Coast!

If you’re thinking of moving to Canada to start a new business, here is a list of reasons why you should choose the West Coast (British Columbia). First of all I just want to spend time to condone your decision of immigrating here. Don’t fret about all the uninformed losers who say immigration is bad. Most intelligent Canadians know that immigration is very important for our economy. After all, we’re all immigrants here and there’s no reason other than prejudices that we should deny people like you from helping our economy and culture with your presence.

Some of the best small local businesses I know were started by recent immigrants and they’ve found a great spot for success. A lot of the exotic chefs in our top restaurants, too, are immigrants and they bring their cultural recipes with them to boost our taste buds forever with their skills. Even though it may not seem like it depending on who you talk to, you and your business are very welcome here in Canada, especially in BC. Now let me talk about why you should come to the West Coast, not the East Side of Canada.

Perhaps the easiest selling point would be our weather. Compared to the East which gets scorching hot in the summer and snowy cold in the winter, the West Coast stays moderately manageable when it comes to temperature all year round. On average we get a bit more rain, but that’s good for farming, gardening and keeping sidewalks clean. Our winters see snow but not nearly as much as central and eastern Canada. Our summers are perfect.

Another easy selling point is a our nature and wilderness. When you’re not seeing to the success of you’re business, you’ll need other stuff for you and your family to do. Our wildlife parks are spectacular, and compared to the East Side, we have a lot more mountains and hills to climb and go skiing on, which makes the landscape beautiful. The East Side is relatively flat, and coming across hills and mountains isn’t as common as in BC.

Now here is some amazing information that will perhaps be the defining point of choosing us: The fastest growing city in all of Canada is on Vancouver Island–the City of Langford. It’s the best place to open a small business right now as it’s estimated to BOOM in size over coming years. Now is not the time to miss this chance. I’ve visited Langford many years ago when it was rather small. When I went there this year I was blown away by how fast it had grown. The housing is currently a lot cheaper than in Victoria and Vancouver. I highly recommend considering Langford as your destination. With all the new commercial development there, you won’t have a hard time finding a good spot for your business.

Now if you’re still not convinced, here’s the expected list of all the reasons why you should choose to open your business on the West Coast:

  1. Comfortable weather
  2. Beautiful nature
  3. Location of the fastest growing city, Langford
  4. Highly accepting of cultural diversity
  5. Almost everyone is very nice, clean and polite
  6. Lots of room for innovation
  7. Has globally respected universities
  8. Very clean air and lack of pollution
  9. Healthier waters on the Pacific
  10. All religions are respected

I’m sure a similar blog in the East Side of Canada would be able to come up with a list of their own, but don’t listen to them. Come to the West Coast and see the beautiful land that’s turning immigrants into rich men and women. We respect hard working people with creative ideas no matter where they come from. Join us!