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Lifelong Goals vs. Short-term Goals (What’s Yours?)

A lifelong goal can be compared to a destiny, calling, ambition, purpose or what you’re on this earth to accomplish. A lifelong goal can’t be completed in one’s youth. Unlike a short-term goal, it may take over sixty years to complete your lifelong goal. The reason I mention all this is because every majorly successful business has based its motto and modus operandi around a lifelong goal, and almost every business that fails really failed because they gave up and didn’t have a lifelong goal to begin with. Having a lifelong goal means there’s no possible way you can fail because you never give up. Even in the face of bankruptcy and staff hunger riots, the business with a destiny pushes onward.

So I invite you to reflect on your goals. Do you have a lifelong goal? It isn’t impossible to succeed without one, because after all it’s not too difficult to find a service that people need and provide it. The special thing about businesses with lifelong goals is that their services are often unique in the sense that they may be new to a city or a phenomenon brought about by technology and evolution in general. For example, Steve Job’s lifelong goal couldn’t have existed in the 19th century. Most lifelong goals worth while are in direct relationship to the time they exist in.

If you don’t have a lifelong goal but you feel like you’re on a right track in life despite this, that is very good because some people don’t realize they’re life goal until near the end of life when they can look back and see the main theme behind all that they have accomplished. For example, a mechanic friend of mine dying of cancer realized his life goal had been to teach youth about old muscle cars in an age when engines were quickly becoming replaced by electric motors. During his career he wasn’t able to articulate this but this proves that even if you’re unaware of it, we all have a purpose.

A man like Jesus would not call it petty if your life goal is to put a smile on 300 people’s faces every day working full time at a fast food restaurant. To track the impact a person like this is having in the world is impossible. And you might want to call it a blessing if you aren’t aware of your purpose yet, because many people who know their purpose at a very young age have reported that it’s more like a curse than anything else. I know this feeling all too well. Knowing my calling and having an articulated lifelong goal for me means I am restricted to what I can do in life, and if I try to stray from my path my curse will haunt me right until my dying moments.

But how does a lifelong goal relate to short-term goals?

A short-term goal is something that in large or small way is something you need to do in order to accomplish your lifelong goal. For example, if your lifelong goal is to teach people about history through entertainment, your short-term goal might be to receive a major in history at university. What a short-term goal ISN’T is a chore. People make the mistake of writing “clean dishes” or “get car fixed” in their planner and thinking they have accomplished something. These are merely chores and although you might need your car to go to work, it isn’t crucial to completing your lifelong goal. For example, you can still buss or ride a bike to work. So really think about your goals and separate real ones from mere chores. Chores like doing the laundry and taking out the trash should not give you the same satisfaction that completing real short-term goals like writing a book or a taking dancing classes do.

My advice, as someone who studies small business success, is to spend a good hour writing down your goals and from that point onward remind them to yourself everyday. A life with a purpose may be cursed and restricted, but a life without one is meaningless.

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Hard Work Pays: The Story of a Residential Gutter System Expert

Here is an amazing story about how the hard work done by you and your team wishing to start a small business can pay off in ways never imagined. I was greatly inspired by this story after doing an interview over the phone with Si, one of the founders of Gutter Gurus Victoria, a small gutter installation business on Vancouver Island. Get ready for some intense inspiration!

Si was down and out with very little prospects. He was tired of working for others who didn’t care about his longevity and had countless other personal problems. It was daunting at first, but he dreamed of starting his own business. For years he worked to near-minimum wage with this dream in mind, and if it wasn’t for some inspiration he heard listening to Grant Cardone he may never have taken the huge risk of quitting his job and getting an immense line of credit to follow his dream.

His dream was do the one thing he knew best, installing, repairing, cleaning and replacing gutters for commercial and residential clients. The first week of having his business made he nearly lost all hope. He didn’t know how to market and not a single client seemed to need his services. He resorted to old school ways of marketing, knocking on doors, cold calling, etc, and just when he wanted to give up he got his first lead nearly a month later.

This one lead was what really changed his life. He treated this one gutter installation job as if it were the most important thing in the world. He spent his time to work the extra mile and make sure there wasn’t a single flaw. He also gave his client the best deal he could. The client recognized the sacrifices Si was making and was so impressed he referred Si to his friend who needed a full gutter replacement. One job lead to the next and after doing the same process of working the extra mile, this led to yet another job. For the next few years Si picked up work from all around Langford and Greater Victoria doing gutter cleaning and replacement. Not once did he slip, maintaining his top-notch work ethic and perfection. News spread and soon he was able to hire one of the best guttering system teams in British Columbia.

Si described to me how he cried, realizing he had reached a level of success he had never even dreamed of. Now Gutter Gurus Victoria is still growing. I think this story is so amazing and worth sharing on Today’s West Bound Business Success because at one moment Si was down and out, in fear of failure and on the edge of giving up. Then next thing he realized hard work really does pay¬†and he owes his success to no one but himself for going the extra mile. This day, Si deserves every ounce of his success and no one can tell him otherwise.

If perhaps you have a dream of starting a business or perhaps you already did and you’re losing hope, just think of how this story can relate to you. Understand that hard work always pays back and if you’re willing to work the extra mile and do the small things your competitors aren’t doing then you’re bound to succeed. Look at Si’s example and see how a troubled man with a dream can turn into the founder of one of the top gutter companies in his area. I’m so proud of this little business for doing what it did and believe it’s a great example for all of us to follow.

Now before I let you go I want to lay down a list of things we should remember from this story:

  1. If you have a dream, it’s worth taking a big risk to pursue it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to do whatever it is that you’re really good at.
  3. Have a role model, someone that can inspire you with their words, and listen to them often.
  4. When you first start out and have no leads, don’t fret and don’t give up. Keep trying and those leads will come.
  5. When you get your first lead, treat it like it’s the most important thing in the world.
  6. When you start to get more leads, keep treating them just like you did for that very first one. Don’t slip. Don’t slow down.
  7. Don’t be afraid to grow your team to meet demand.
  8. Keep working hard, and it will redound in ways you never dreamed of!

Thank you for reading. I hope this inspired you! Come back soon for more advice, news and motivation for small business success!