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Why Immigrants Starting Businesses in Canada Should Choose the West Coast!

If you’re thinking of moving to Canada to start a new business, here is a list of reasons why you should choose the West Coast (British Columbia). First of all I just want to spend time to condone your decision of immigrating here. Don’t fret about all the uninformed losers who say immigration is bad. Most intelligent Canadians know that immigration is very important for our economy. After all, we’re all immigrants here and there’s no reason other than prejudices that we should deny people like you from helping our economy and culture with your presence.

Some of the best small local businesses I know were started by recent immigrants and they’ve found a great spot for success. A lot of the exotic chefs in our top restaurants, too, are immigrants and they bring their cultural recipes with them to boost our taste buds forever with their skills. Even though it may not seem like it depending on who you talk to, you and your business are very welcome here in Canada, especially in BC. Now let me talk about why you should come to the West Coast, not the East Side of Canada.

Perhaps the easiest selling point would be our weather. Compared to the East which gets scorching hot in the summer and snowy cold in the winter, the West Coast stays moderately manageable when it comes to temperature all year round. On average we get a bit more rain, but that’s good for farming, gardening and keeping sidewalks clean. Our winters see snow but not nearly as much as central and eastern Canada. Our summers are perfect.

Another easy selling point is a our nature and wilderness. When you’re not seeing to the success of you’re business, you’ll need other stuff for you and your family to do. Our wildlife parks are spectacular, and compared to the East Side, we have a lot more mountains and hills to climb and go skiing on, which makes the landscape beautiful. The East Side is relatively flat, and coming across hills and mountains isn’t as common as in BC.

Now here is some amazing information that will perhaps be the defining point of choosing us: The fastest growing city in all of Canada is on Vancouver Island–the City of Langford. It’s the best place to open a small business right now as it’s estimated to BOOM in size over coming years. Now is not the time to miss this chance. I’ve visited Langford many years ago when it was rather small. When I went there this year I was blown away by how fast it had grown. The housing is currently a lot cheaper than in Victoria and Vancouver. I highly recommend considering Langford as your destination. With all the new commercial development there, you won’t have a hard time finding a good spot for your business.

Now if you’re still not convinced, here’s the expected list of all the reasons why you should choose to open your business on the West Coast:

  1. Comfortable weather
  2. Beautiful nature
  3. Location of the fastest growing city, Langford
  4. Highly accepting of cultural diversity
  5. Almost everyone is very nice, clean and polite
  6. Lots of room for innovation
  7. Has globally respected universities
  8. Very clean air and lack of pollution
  9. Healthier waters on the Pacific
  10. All religions are respected

I’m sure a similar blog in the East Side of Canada would be able to come up with a list of their own, but don’t listen to them. Come to the West Coast and see the beautiful land that’s turning immigrants into rich men and women. We respect hard working people with creative ideas no matter where they come from. Join us!