loaning money for new business advice

Don’t Hold Back From Starting Your Own Business

Fear of debt is the number one factor stopping should-be entrepreneurs from having the business of their dreams. The truth is, if you come from anything less than a rich family, you’ll almost always need to take risks in order to get your business off the ground. One of those risks involves getting a loan. Coca Cola and nearly all major big names that we know of had to do this. The truth is getting a loan adds to your motivation, as you know the balance of future success lies in making enough profit to not only pay the loan back but flourish in the long run. It’s very rare that a new company of any kind can start without resources to draw on.

Dan Lok, the king of high-ticket sales, was $150,000 in debt before he was able to take off. Don’t believe me? Hear it from the man himself:

“Success without a struggle is what people call luck, and if you have none of that, work for your stuff!” Those are some of my favorite lyrics. Can’t remember where I heard them but they stuck with me because luck is something you can’t control. But you can control how hard you work. And if you really believe in your business idea, if you know it’s services are needed and would help a lot of people, it could bring great meaning and happiness to your life to make it happen!


Learn from the experts. Don’t settle for a job you hate. Take your passion to the next level and do what you need to do to make your dream business a reality!