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Vancouver Appliance Repair Man Discovers Secret To Success

Success stories come from a wide range of sources. We hear about everything from lions successfully catching game in the jungles to hobbyists making a fortune from foraging in garage sales. Today I want to talk about perhaps the strangest source you’ll hear all day. This is one of those things that you might want to consider making a life-long goal out of, because it won’t be easy.

In the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a man named Roger who works full time as a refrigeration technician for a local appliance repair company repairing freezers and commercial fridges for warehouses and restaurants has accidentally stumbled on a key to success in the business world. Although Roger deals with broken and malfunctioning major appliances in Vancouver BC, his secret key to success still applies to every other profession almost anywhere in the world.

The secret key is quite complex so bear with me here as I attempt to run it down in simple terms. Before we delve deeper, there are some things you should understand. I’ve prepared a list to make this easier:

  1. This secret key for success won’t work for people not willing to put the hard work and time into the equation.
  2. A bit of aggression, passion and determination is always helpful, while also realizing that staying calm and focused is just as important.
  3. You don’t need to work for an appliance repair company in Vancouver BC to make this work for you.
  4. Being in a capitalist economy with relative freedom is crucial.
  5. Not everyone will be willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

Now I hope you understand these before we begin. Roger certainly did, and that’s why he’s driving around in a limo with pockets full of cash. Of course, he’s usually driving a van full of appliance replacement parts when he’s on the job, but he deserves his champagne lifestyle on weekends.

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Before I spill the secret out, you should also probably know a bit more about Roger and why he’s fixing broken appliances in Vancouver BC. Being a refrigerator mechanic is not something most people romanticize about, but Roger had no other options as a young man. He knew that in order to reach his ideal level of success, he would have to work hard no matter what job he took and so he had no problem with becoming an appliance repairman. By the time he reached his 30s, he had grown accustomed to the hustle and grind of waking early to fix as many appliances as he could in a single day. The streets of Vancouver are bustling and busy, so he would wake up at 4 A.M. every weekday to skip traffic and reach the other cities of Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey and West Vancouver BC where a lot of his jobs are located. Being able to wake up this early is exactly the crux of the secret we’re going to share here. I tucked this secret deep into this long paragraph so that only people who really want it can find it. If you’ve read this far, you deserve to know what the secret of the secret is, too.

Waking up before your competition does gives you an edge in life. This is exactly why American soldiers are trained to wake up super early. If they can get up before the enemy does, they have a mega advantage to prepare for action. And just like an appliance repairman in Vancouver BC, things are no different in every profession. But our friend Roger the refrigeration technician and electrician not only does this, he found a better way to do it. Some people talk about napping at lunch as the big secret for waking up super early, but Roger uses a magical spell that he calls “appliance grease.” But don’t worry, this magical spell has nothing to do with real appliance grease, if such a thing even exists. Roger calls his secret appliance grease because he get’s awfully greasy after a long day of repairing, installing and replacing commercial and major appliances and refrigerators in Vancouver BC.

So now what’s Roger’s magical spell for waking up early and beating all the other Vancouver appliance service companies? The spell is a combination of these following things:

  • Hardcore heavy metal music at 4 A.M.¬†
  • 20 push ups and 20 sit ups at 4:10 A.M.
  • Prayer and meditation at 4:20 A.M.
  • And lastly but most importantly, NO COFFEE! Yes, you heard me right. No coffee! Roger believes coffee may give you a temporary boost but in order to not need a nap at lunch time he avoids coffee and drinks hot pure cocoa in the morning. That’s right, 100% cocoa with a bit of honey.

Roger doesn’t know the science of it, but I did a little research and apparently pure cocoa as a hot drink in the morning is way better than coffee for making sure you’re not tired. It may not give you that extra energy kick but it will prevent you from getting overly tired. I’ve been doing this for three days now, although I still wake up at 8 A.M., and I’ve noticed a great change in my day-long energy levels.

Now you might understand why I gave you that list of 5 things before I explained Roger’s secret. Just because you wake up earlier than everyone else and don’t feel tired doesn’t mean you’re going to reach success. You still need to put in the effort to grind your face off all day. The whole point of doing this is so that by the time your competition is having lunch, you’ve already worked a full day’s shift and this effect doubles if you can also manage to keep working until after the sun goes down. Roger get’s two full work days for every average workday, totaling 16 hours of working for a Vancouver appliance repair company every single waking day! This is why Roger drives a limo to the club with his wife on the weekends. Not only does he work twice as much in the week, he gets paid overtime, too. And the best part is he loves it!¬†That’s where the passion is vital. If you don’t love working hard and getting rich, then this kind of hardcore living may not be for you, but with all that said this still is a secret to success and you can’t deny that it works. So give it a try if you dare!